~ Evan Hanson ~

Relevant College Classes

Data Structures and Algorithms

This class was focused on the design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms and data structures, including linked lists, trees, and graphs. I learned how to analyze the time and space complexity of algorithms, and gained practical experience with implementation and optimization of algorithms in various programming languages.

Data Structures Image

Operating Systems

In this class, I learned about the fundamental concepts of operating systems and computer architecture, including the process model, memory management, and file systems. I also gained hands-on experience with system calls and interprocess communication, as well as an understanding of the interaction between software and hardware in computer systems.


Machine Organization

In this class, I acquired a comprehensive understanding of machine organization and assembly language, including the structure and function of computer hardware, low-level programming, and the relationship between high-level programming languages and machine code. I also gained hands-on experience working with machine instructions, memory, and addressing modes, which has enhanced my skills in machine-level programming and debugging.


Software Engineering

In this software engineering class, I studied the principles and practices of software development, including requirements gathering, design, testing, and maintenance. I also gained hands-on experience with agile methodologies and version control systems, and learned about software design patterns and best practices. Additionally, I worked on group projects to develop and deploy a software application, reinforcing my understanding of software development life cycle and team collaboration.

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Programming Languages

In this programming languages class, I honed my skills in Swift, focusing on its syntax, data structures, algorithms, and programming paradigms. I also learned about its application in developing iOS and macOS applications, as well as its compatibility with other programming languages. I gained hands-on experience in developing real-world applications, which helped me to solidify my understanding of the language and its usage in software development.

Programming Languages


In this class, I acquired a deep understanding of database design, management, and administration. I learned about relational database management systems, data modeling, SQL, and database optimization. I also gained hands-on experience with database management tools and techniques for creating and managing large datasets. The class provided a strong foundation in data storage, retrieval, and manipulation, and I learned how to design and implement efficient database systems for various applications.



I was introduced to the fundamental concepts of computer networks, including the OSI model, IP addressing and routing, data transmission and error detection, and network security. I gained hands-on experience with network programming and network security techniques, as well as an understanding of network protocols such as TCP/IP and HTTP. Through the use of various case studies and projects, I was able to develop a deep understanding of how computer networks operate and the role they play in connecting devices and transmitting data over the internet.

Computer Network

Network Vulnerability, Penetration Testing

In this class, I acquired knowledge about the various types of network vulnerabilities and learned how to identify, analyze, and exploit them. I also gained hands-on experience in penetration testing techniques and methodologies, as well as understanding of the different tools and technologies used in this field. The class emphasized the importance of ethical hacking and taught how to secure networks from potential attacks.

Bug Finding

Topics in Cyber Defense

In this class, I delved into various aspects of cyber defense including threat intelligence, security operations, incident response and cyber risk management. I learned about various types of attacks, such as malware and phishing, and the tools and techniques used to mitigate them. I also gained an understanding of security protocols, firewalls, intrusion detection and response systems, as well as the principles and best practices for secure network design. Through hands-on exercises and projects, I developed the skills to identify and respond to real-world security threats and implement effective security measures.


System Security Fundamentals

In this class, I studied the architecture and protocols of computer networks, including the Internet and various wireless networks. I also learned about network security, including encryption, authentication, and firewalls. I gained hands-on experience with network programming and simulation, as well as an understanding of how to secure computer networks and protect sensitive data.